The Characteristics Of Nursing Professionalism In Nursing

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NURSING PROFESSIONALISM As a result of several researches conducted on nursing professionalism, there are diverse view on this subject matter. But the reoccurring facts amongst these studies that if carefully considered, will greatly influence the improvement of the nursing profession across board. In order to understand better and to do a proper integration with the discussion on nursing education above, it is necessary to understand Professionalism especially in the ‘Nursing’ world.
Professionalism is an important characteristic of in-service careers. The concept of professionalism frequently occurs in the terminology of many professions with a long history, especially in social context. Dynamic feature and multiple interpretations of professionalism
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Professional values are practical standards which create a framework for evaluation of attitudes and the ideas influence behavior in professional clinicians. Important to professionalism is the attainment of professional values and the living out of these values. Professionalization is also a category related to culture, some of its properties are mentioned to be retained jurisdiction, autonomous, cooperative, membership in professional organizations and professional development, social service and, community services, compliance with codes of nursing, conduct and evaluation of nursing theory. The main features of the nursing professionalization values are classified into three main groups by Kim et …show more content…
In an article in 1992 UKCC review professional action, and defined the nursing profession by these following characteristics: Professional nursing is characterized by doing clinical work, this led to the expansion of the nursing role, so they are allowed to get involved in the therapeutic activities according to their personal qualifications, with active involvement in patient care. In other word, professionalization is a particular style of management and implementation in which the professionals know about their commitments and obligations. It is for those who are self- controlled and self- learning. This is consistent with the word knowledgeable doer that can be found in new dialogs in nursing. Defining nursing professionalization in the clinical area is a difficult issue. Barber in 1965 defined four properties for a professional manner: a high degree of self-control in behavior through moral codes, awareness about the interests of society instead of the personal interests, high degree of systematic and public knowledge, and world of a reward system as a sign for success. In nursing, some scholars have defined codes of professional behavior as: Respecting the dignity, values, and beliefs of the patients, maintaining patients’ trust, making informed decisions, provision of competent and safe care, maintaining standards of activities,

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