Terry's Leadership Style Analysis

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Leadership is an important part of directing function of management. Managers at all levels are expected to be leaders of their subordinates. Every manager has the authority to issue orders and enforce their obedience on his subordinates. But leadership enables managers to ensure that subordinates willingly carry out their instructions and accept their advice and guidance.
Leadership may be defined as the process of influencing the behaviour and performance of others in group efforts towards the achievement of specific goals in a given situation. A leader is an individual who guides and influences the efforts and work of a group of persons who are known as followers. The leader influences the followers in such a way that they willingly strive
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Koontz and O’Donnell
Leadership is an activity of influencing people to strive willingly for mutual objectives. George R. Terry
Features of Leadership
Interpersonal skills- Leadership is a process of influence exercised by leader on his followers. Leadership involves interpersonal relations between the leader and the followers. Leadership involves interaction between two or more person.
Followers- Leadership implies the existence of followers. A leader derives his authority from the people who accept him as the leader. No one can be leader without having followers.
Common Goals- Leadership is exercised to achieve common goals of the organization.
Personal Quality- Leadership indicates the ability of an individual to influence
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It is the process of securing willing and enthusiastic cooperation of others.
Situational-Leadership is related to a particular situation. A particular style of leadership may be successful in one situation but may fail in other

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