Personal Narrative: What I Learned While Attending College

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Fall semester so far has been alright to me. My classes seem to be not as difficult as expected but there are some big challenges at the moment that are getting to me. What I mean by getting to me, I feel like I 'm getting stressed and I know that 's something not to be feeling this early in the semester. The challenges that are affecting me at the moment is having a lot of time in my hands, Being in a very bad financial situation and staying away from the social life.
Having a lot of time in my hands is something I have never had. I am so used to always being in school for almost the whole day. Now that I attend college, I only go to school for almost half a day. I am not doing as much work as much work as I am supposed to when I get out of
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Since I dorm, I did not get any financial aid left over for me and that affected me a lot. I did not have enough money for books at all. I was not able to complete a homework assignment because I did not have the book for the class. That 's not how I wanted to start my first semester of college. I wanted to start college strong and without any worries but I guess I am learning the hard way at the moment.
Staying away from the social life is something I have been controlling but I know it is still something very difficult to stay away from. I have a lot of friends back at home. Having a lot of friends always gets me invited to many places. I would like to go out but school is always first. It also has its negative outcomes. I have started to lose friends lately because I no longer go out with them. I am sacrificing a lot of things at the moment and it is getting to
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I still feel like if I have a lot of pride within me that I don 't need to ask for help. Having a lot of pride is something that I wrote about in bridge that I wanted to fix.I am still working on it at the moment and I know I will fix it eventually. Brittney did not go to Eop central at all in her first semester. She did not feel comfortable asking questions.
My grades are good for every class except for my computers class.I am a couple days behind because I did not have my book to do my homework. I know It is not a good way to start the semester but I will not fail the class. I am not going to go through High school habits and give up. I will try my best and be the young adult I am. When I talked to Brittney about this question she told me she barely passed. She was too busy being social that she did all her work last minute and not receiving high grades. She did better by taking responsibility and setting her priorities straight.
Brittney learned the hard way by almost failing her classes. She was too busy being social and doing her work last minute that she barely passed by. I believe that is the hard way I do not want to experience. Her advice was to remember this conversation. This conversation relates a lot to

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