Anatomy Class Reflection

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The beginning of my first semester at the University of Akron, has been a complete roller coaster. I have made friends, lost friends, dropped classes and of course, slept through classes. Being five hours away from my home in South Bend, Indiana has affected me more than I thought it would. I came into college thinking that I would make a ton of friends, get excellent grades and maybe even go to a few parties. I did not think that I would be close to almost dropping out of college as a whole. Currently, my grades look very similar to how they did in high school. I have an A- average in most of my classes, but it did not come easily. I learned that in my anatomy class, I have to work ten times harder to understand and process the information compared to any of my other classes. While I was in high school, anatomy was my favorite subject. I looked forward to going to class, learning about the human body and actually looked forward to …show more content…
To help solve this problem, I created a timetable for the preceding day. Despite this seeming like a great plan, it failed miserably. Unplanned events would suddenly interfere with my timetable. My friends would ask if I wanted to go get lunch, class would end a little late, meetings would lasts longer than planned and homework assignments would take longer than expected. Thus, pushing all of my arrangements further into the day, causing a sense of panic within my schedule. I quickly learned that I had to prioritize. Sometimes I will have to decline social events with my friends and instead, finish an assignment before doing anything else. My pre-medical fraternity involves a great deal of involvement from its new members. Despite the fact that I would love to attend anything related to my fraternity, I eventually figured out that my academics came first and any academic fraternity would understand if I missed a meeting or

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