The Challenges Of Returning To School

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It has been almost 30 years since I was in school. I have often imagined myself back in school finishing what I started so many years ago. During the different phases of my life, I had many reasons for not returning to school right then: young children, the need to work because we needed my paycheck, and the fear that I would miss too many important events in my children’s lives. But always, in the back of my mind, was the thought that finishing my degree was something that I needed to do. The introduction of online classes has given non-traditional learners with choices in how they attend school, thus opening education up to more people. Finding the courage to return to school after a long break requires a great deal of thought regarding the pros and cons of school life for the adult learner. One must think of the potential effect on their career, their time, and the added stress, both mental and physical, that returning to school can …show more content…
What works for one person may not work for another, but some simple tips can lead to a smoother transition. Work out finances prior to attending school so that there will have one less thing to think and stress about. Work on time management by planning everything on a calendar. Schedule study time, test time and extra activities with family and friends. That way everything will fit into your schedule. The challenges of returning to school can be overcome by taking the time to think about the things you want to accomplish by returning to school. By giving these areas proper thought prior to returning to school, you will decrease your chances of being affected by them. Returning to school can have a huge impact on your life and that of your family. Hopefully by setting an example for family members, your dedication will motivate them to do the same. The reward of graduating will make the challenges of going back to school

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