The Challenges Of Human Healthcare Essay

877 Words Nov 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Human healthcare is set on a path of a continued development evolving through drug discovery and innovation in medical technology. In spite of new molecules being discovered frequently, most of them fail to convert into a potential treatment. A small percentage of those that do, face the ever-increasing challenges of the healthcare systems, which further makes it difficult for them to reach the patients. In a developed nation with an evolved regulatory landscape like the United States, it is often the competition and reimbursement challenges that delay the potential treatments from entering the health care system, whereas in developing regions like Latin America it is the under-evolved regulations and policies with complex registration requirements. The need to overcome these challenges had sparked my interest in regulatory affairs.
I had always been keen in pursuing a career in healthcare, which encouraged me to complete a Pharmacy Diploma at SVKM’s College of Diploma in Pharmacy and an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s) in Pharmacy at Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy, two well-recognized colleges in Mumbai. Both the programs together involved an extensive course work and practical training spread over 5 years. Through subjects like Pharmaceutics, Clinical Pharmacy, and Pharmacology combined with my first-hand experience in the real world setting working as an intern at Sanket Pharmaceuticals, I was not only able to achieve a deep understanding of the drug…

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