Healthcare Financing Case Study

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Healthcare Financing
Healthcare in the United States is expansive, expensive, confusing and filled with rules and regulations. Today’s system is being transformed slowly to a government run system filled with policies developed to simplify the decisions necessary to ensure a fluid resource for future users of health care.
Analysis and Assessment of Ethical and Economic Challenges Presented in the Washington Post
Rob Stein of the Washington Post posed several important questions in his article Review of Prostate Cancer Drug Provenge Renews Medical Cost-Benefit Debate. The debate rages on when it comes to curbing the growing costs associated with the vast availability of services, medical treatments, and medications available today that was not part
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Metastatic cancer is a difficult medical condition to treat and finding a vaccine for prostate cancer is important for future research. The problem arises in the cost of the treatments.
The Healthcare Economics and Financing video presented several important views on preserving the current system. The influx of older people into the Medicare system will put a strain on services. Mary Wakefield stated public programs will need to manage their resources more efficiently and this may result in higher out of pocket expenses that may make the public think twice about using expensive services such as the emergency room for cold symptoms (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012c).
Today the costs of hospital services are under scrutiny from Medicare and Medicaid services. Readmissions within 30 days for the same problem will result in non-payment or reduced payment for the admission. Additional medical problems once in the hospital are not being paid for such as urinary tract infections from foley insertions. This places a higher onus on healthcare workers to do their best to prevent additional medical care beyond the reason for the

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