The Challenges Of Cyber Bullying In Today's Social Media

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According to CNN, “On any given day teens in the United States spend about nine hours using media for their enjoyment, and when it comes to media on screen including laptops, smart phones, and tablets, teens on average spend six and a half hour0 on screen. ” (Wallace). Social media is growing every day, new apps and sites are being made constantly. Teens are always finding new ways to communicate to each other and post pictures of them. Today’s social media portrays the “ideal” body type and if people don’t look a certain way they might get bullied or use Photoshop to change their appearance. Many teens and young adults struggle with self-esteem. One thing that contributes to that would be social media and how society shows how we should look. …show more content…
One is that most adults cannot see why cyber bulling is even a form of bullying. They think that it is just a harmless way of exchanging words. If we teach parent that cyber bullying is in fact harmful to the victims being bullied so they can punish and teach their kids properly about this issue. The next difficulty is figuring out how to get the adults to confront this issue. Most parents believe that they “don’t have the technical skills to keep up with their kids online behavior” (Hinuja, Patchin). This can be solved because this is just an excuse for parents to stand back and blame someone else. They can easily punish their children once they become aware of their kids actions. Also teachers do not find it necessary to intervene with something that happens outside of school, when in fact cyber bullying is just as much their problem. Teachers should make it easy for victims to confront them about being bullied so further actions can be taken. The last people in line who stand back and watch are the authorities. The authorities will not intervene “unless there is clear evidence of a crime or a significant threat to someone’s physical safety” (Hinuja, Patchin). If authorities could intervene to cyber bullying it could greatly decrease the amount of

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