The Challenges Of Attending College

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Attending college can be an obstacle when acquiring an education
“Challenges are a part of life. Overcoming them makes you a stronger person.” Lailah Gifly Akita, Pearls of Wisdom; Great Mind Many students who are attending college have various obligations and duties outside of classes. The obstacles I faced, was adjusting to class schedule, peer pressure at home and making a career change. For some people it was easy but I found it difficult adjusting to class because, I was not accustomed to the different changes of class life like larger classrooms and little time. I could not figure out a major or a minor that really interested me, but I knew I wanted to help people or save people’s lives. My learning style was unknown I didn’t know
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Also I was not able to connect to the fact that my love ones, where at home in another city while I became the college student. This cause me great despair and disappointment in their eyes because they thought that I was neglecting them or giving lack of attention, but they demoralized for attending college and making future plans that were dear to me. I didn’t have any children under the age of eighteen, but I was still a mother to my step children and my husband was demanding of my time to assist them, and would not understand that I was focusing on my dreams and goals so that they can become productive in seek a higher education. I was a domesticated wife, and my family would have to take up the slack in completing normal household chores like laundry, cleaning the house, or taking care of the children because I have to attend either morning or evening class, to which I can no longer do as much domesticated home duties. I have to learn or be taught how to use time management when it came to studying, completing assignments, attending class and working fulltime, sometimes it was difficult because I wanted to skip class and have that movie time or fun time with my family knowing this could mean I would miss out on something important taught in …show more content…
Other times, I may want to upgrading in the workforce because of a lot of competiveness due to the fact I only have a high school diploma verses those who have acceptable or higher degrees. I may one day become diversified entrepreneurs, help those who are in need of assisting in crises, or become my own business owner in the corporate world an open a domestic violence center for women of all color. Most of all I am advancing because of the new technology this world is entering with computers, cellphones, new way of entering the trading stock markets, and even the way our corporate company are switching over to computer operated equipment to operate the machinery. For the most I have been a school driver and my dream is to become a paramedic one day, I do not see myself continuing to work for lower pay and stressful environment. I have been in this company for ten years and it has not shown any a promising future. This is why I am seeking a change careers because of variety of interest in the

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