Comparing My Migration To Greece

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Migration is so big nowadays. It can stand for the movement of almost anything to almost anywhere. There are many sub-words or phrases to migration. I, myself, have migrated though not much. And even those few times that I have had no choice in the matter. However, in years to come I will surely have the opportunity to decide to migrate. My first choice would, of course, be England but I do wish to expand my culture further. For these reasons, I would migrate to Greece. Greece sounds like an amazing place full of amazing people and culture that is even more so. Obviously, I don’t wish to migrate right away, I’d prefer to do so when I am older. My current plans are to migrate for just a year, but, as I’m sure you know, plans can change,
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Indeed, there are quite a few disadvantages and challenges that come with living in such a beautiful and unusual place. Perhaps the most important is that I have almost no clue of how to write, speak or even understand Greek. I need to use Google Translate just to say good morning (καλημέρα) or even plain old hi (γεια). Greek is apparently the hardest language to learn and I’m not very good at learning new languages! I have read that most Greeks know at least a few simple phrases in English but relying on others is not going to help me get along. I will be among a completely unfamiliar crowd and will not know anyone so it may be hard for me to settle down in the first couple of weeks. When we arrived here in T&T we came because of my dad’s work so we already knew lots of people to connect with. Greece is in so much debt that it is now one of the poorest countries in Europe. There are so many unemployed people that it would be extremely hard to find a job to make enough money to buy everything I would need. Because of the poverty and the bankrupt government there is very little health care even for native Greeks. For expats there is almost none at all. Even when you do get medication it is often very poor and bad quality. For example, you may find people queuing for miles outside a pharmacy when the have something that we don’t even bat an eyelid at, it is just an everyday thing that all of us have. There is also a problem regarding my ambition. You see, I currently wish to become a author/poet. In Greece English books will not be very popular or even noticed as everyone speaks Greek. I could try writing books in Greek but I’m not certain they’d be very good. Right now Greece isn’t sounding so brilliant after

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