Greece: The Rise And Fall Of Greece

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The Rising and Falling of the Greece
Nowadays, people believed that Greek shaped the original culture of the Western civilization. It is also a junction for the Eastern and Western civilization. There are three significant periods of the Greeks: the Hellenic periods (2000-338 B.C.E), the Hellenistic period (336-323 B.C.E), and the period of the conquest by Roman (200-146 B.C.E).[ Page 54] During the periods, the people of Greece had the remarkable contribution on many careers, such as Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Literature, Architecture, Politics, and Arts. Even though it had disappeared for two thousand years, the rationality and wisdom were still shining the modern times.

Ⅰ. The Conditions of Rising
The rising of the Greece was
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Mountains are stretching endlessly, and they also divide the land into small parts. There are almost not plains and big rivers existed. However, the extensive sea provided an enormous possibility for development of the Greece. They have a lot of small islands and bays, warm and appropriate Mediterranean climate, and the abundant ocean resources. The endless mountains and lack of arable land which limited the production of food and development of agriculture. Thus, it forced Greeks to pay more attention to overseas commerce, overseas settlement and communicating with a different culture. The indented coastline was considered as the great conditions for the building of bays. Besides, the special Mediterranean climate was good for the producing wine and olive oil. These were the best goods for overseas trading. Generally, these factors facilitated exoteric national spirit, mutually beneficial trading thoughts, and free or open social environment.
On the other hand, an increasing number of great masters created and improved the development of the Greece in mental, such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. “History of the Peloponnesian War” and “Poems of Homer ” were played the vital roles in the history of the Greece. They not only recorded the events happened on that ages, but also provided the knowledge to the people lived on that time. Philosophy was considered as the basic of
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The power would never be held by the nobles, the rights belonged to all citizens and include the poorest. Slaves got the released and freedom. This directly approves that many people can still ruled the country as well as the few people. And, we can not ignore that the fact is slaves, women and foreigners didn’t have the rights to express their mind. Fortunately, female rights have been improved in the recent years.
Arts: Athene spent a lot of money on building architectures and temples to show off their religion. Such as Construction of the Parthenon and many Athena’s sculptures. They also had many festivals or memory days and dramas to celebrate the important things. Thus, the daily life of Greeks were very wonderful and interesting. These arts affected the western in the later periods. We can easily find the similar architectures in the Western countries. And people still keep some traditional festivals in their

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