Classical Greek By Thomas Sakoulas Analysis

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The Greek Era’s
The text A Brief Overview of Classical Greece, written by Thomas Sakoulas demonstrates the hard times Greece had to overcome in this era. During the Stone Age, Greece was prospering. The Greeks were productive since the beginning of time, so they could make Greece successful. Sakoulas explained how the Greeks were found productive by writing,”A wealth of stone tools found in sites in Espirus, Thessaly, Macedonia, and the Peloponnese reveal the existence of flourishing Paleolithic and Mesolithic communities in the Greek mainland”(Sakoulas,4). The stone tools were there so they could build empires, the Greeks were always working hard to build a new era. The Greeks in the Bronze Age were advanced. The Cycladic, Minoan, and Helladic
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These were harsh times for Greece, but there was a benefit, which was the deconstruction of the Mycenaean ruling. The author believes the destruction of the ruling is positive, so he writes,”The deconstruction of the old Mycenaean economic and social structures with the strict class hierarchy and heredity rule were forgotten, and eventually replaced with new socio-political institutions that eventually allowed for the rise of Democracy in 5th c. BCE Athens”(Sakoulas,7). The Mycenaean strict ruling was forgotten which was then replaced with democracy later on. Democracy allowed Greece to move forward. Finally the last period before the Golden Age of Greece, the Archaic Period, was a period where Greece reconstructed its population and democracy for foreign residents, citizens, and slaves. The author explains the new democracy:”This kind of complex social organization required the development of an advanced legal structure that ensured the smooth coexistence of different classes and the equality of the citizens irrespective of their economic status”(Sakoulas,9). Greece's new democracy was formed to ensure the coexistence with different classes. There must be development involved with reconstruction, …show more content…
The Athenians expanded their aid to the Asia Minor colonies because they were fighting with the Persian empire. Spreading help can also help expand Greece as explained by the author,”To aid the Ionian Revolt, led by Miletus, the Athenians landed a small garrison in Ionia to fight against the persians and to spread the revolt”(Sakoulas,11). The Greeks are starting to expand their army to get more military involved in case Athens get into their own fight. The empire of Athens now has more empires coming together. Later in the text, Sakoulas states,”The tribute collected by the allies helped Athens expand and maintain in a formidable, yet difficult, empire in the Aegean world”(Sakoulas,13). Athens is starting to form into a larger city-state with the help of other empires coming together to help expand. Athens started developing their empire once again,so it could have a stronger empire than before. Sakoulas states to the reader how Athens will now have a stronger empire:”While Sparta fought against other city-states all over Greece, Athens reconstructed her empire after rebuilding her walls, her navy, and army”(Sakoulas,14). Athens wanted to have a stronger empire than before, so they rebuilt their protection such as walls. There are now diverse cultures, more territory, and more expansion for Athens. With the help of Alexander the Great, like the author mentions, there are more options for

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