Peloponnesian War: An Analysis

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Throughout history, people have been debating over who was more to blame for the Peloponnesian War and the thirty-year conflict between Athens and Sparta’s allies. Most people will argue that the Spartans will be more to blame because they are the ones who initially started the war. But, from the evidence I gathered from the book “The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures” by Lynn Hunt it claims that the Athens are more at fault for these problems. A reason that points the finger to Athens having most of the fault is their Golden Age general Pericles. Pericles was a selfish general who only thing he wanted was to revive his popularity among the Athenians. Because even though when the Athens and Spartans where discussing a solution …show more content…
Their growth for power started when Sparta and Athens “built up separate alliances to strengthen their own position.” (Hunt 79). This creation of spate alliance’s made both empires believed that their security depended on their power they had so then in which created a competition of power among them. But, the Athens grew stranger when they gained control over the Delian League led and, developed a stronger military to which increased their power and, also created a wall inclosing them from the others in Delian League. This growth of power “alarmed the Spartans, who feared that their interest and, allies would fall to the Athenians relentless drive”. (Hunt 100) The fear of power from the Athens pushed the Spartans to try to convince the Athens to ease restriction on city-states allied with Sparta and, as well as come up with a peace treaty among them. But, it was no use the Athens denied them because of their thirst for power blinded them from their doom and, lead them to pursue to the be a most powerful empire of them all. This created the Spartans to act with violence because if they didn’t they believed that Athenians would use their superior power to gain control of Sparta and, their allies. This then leads to the Peloponnesian War the ended the rain of the Athens and if it was not for their urge

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