Politics And Political Structure In The Archaic Period Of Greece

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The Archaic Period of Greece refers to the period of time between 800-500 BC, and is one of the five periods that Ancient Greek history can be divided into. A particular aspect of life which played a significant role in Archaic Greek society is politics and the political structure held during the Archaic Period. Politics was a major influencer of Archaic Greek society, making it an aspect in which individuals of Archaic Greece where engaged in their everyday life. The Archaic period saw the advancements and changes in the political system, particularly with the introduction of laws into society by influential lawgivers, Draco and Solon. These laws influenced the members of Archaic Greek society in the manner they lived and participated in everyday …show more content…
These chances led to alterations in Greek politics, by creating a political hierarchy necessary for social structure in Greek society. Political structure therefore played a large role in the Archaic Greece everyday life by leading society into prosperity throughout the Archaic Period. The political structure is described in concise detail in Pamela Bradley’s Ancient Greece: Using Evidence, in a modern written source which displays the general pattern of political development in Greek city-states in the archaic period. Political structure started with simple monarchy, which then became a struggle between king and nobles. The source continues to describe this leading to the development of aristocracy, where leaders of racial groups or tribes would rule the city-state. When aristocrats became more oppressive and ruling for the benefit of their own, change was needed and tyranny came about, usually by a discontent noble supported by the middle class and a military force. However, due to the the harsh rule of tyranny, it was overthrown and replaced by the final step of the political system, democracy. This structure was prominent in both Athens and Corinth city-states. Although many changes occurred, each political stage in the archaic period ensured social stability and led to prosperity in trade and …show more content…
It was a major influencer in which Ancient Greeks were able to see the improvements and modifications in the political system. Factors which influenced the people living in Archaic Greece were the influential laws brought about by Solon and Draco, two lawgivers of the period. Such laws determined and influenced the citizens of city-state during the Archaic period in the activities they participated in in their everyday life, including the type of work they partook in, the clothing they wore, the marriage alliances and the ownership of land. Politics acted as a social unifier by bringing the members of each polis together to participate and discuss important matters in assembles and political meetings. This therefore provided a necessary social structure to maintain a strong unified polis, which led to prosperity in many aspects of Archaic Greek

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