Essay on The Cell Phone Has Not Changed My Life

1062 Words Sep 20th, 2016 5 Pages
With each member in society owing a phone, the cellphone is embedding in our everyday lives. A device that resembles personality and character. The presence of the cell phone has not only changed my life, but most importantly the way I communicate and interact with others. Being accustomed with the presence of always carrying a cellphone. Were before the cell phone stayed back at home and didn’t have to worry about any distraction. From observation we now tend to worry and become anxious when we lose or misplay the phone. Creating a generation without manner and no longer having a quality of face to face interaction. In recent years the purpose of the smartphone was as a way to access mail, an address book, and has now shifter from a verbal communication tool to an interactive media tool. I believe that the apps and audio I use hould only be use in the right moment to show respect toward others, and the situation I encounter myself in the moment. For example, a while back ago, when I went to the library to study a man who sat in front of me played his music without headphone , ignoring the fact that it was disturbing myself and others .Continuing to play the same video with full audio and didn’t care if he was disrespectful. The library used to be an environment were everyone sat down to study or read a book. It is now a place were eyes are in front of a bright screen. Watching videos and not considering or checking twice that their device is on silent or on…

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