Domestic Violence In Our Society Essay

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Domestic violence is one of the worst problems in our society today. A problem that seems to have made no strides in improving, is one of the most commons problems in households today, and absolutely ruins families. There are many things that cause domestic violence and many reasons why it exists in our society, when this is one thing that should never happen anywhere. Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and or other abusive behavior as part of a systemic pattern of power and control committed by one intimate partner against another or child. This could even mean emotional and mental abuse of your partner. The abusers in domestic violence cases are usually males against females, however …show more content…
If someone grew up with so much anger in them and never fix it they are most likely going to take it out on their partner. If someone grew up in a foreign culture where women are considered less to men, they might keep this thinking and try to apply it on the wrong woman and when the woman fires back, this triggers the anger and them getting physical. Or if someone grew up and they didn’t respect their mother, their mother perhaps cheated or had to do suspect things to make money and the child didn’t respect her, it is most likely that kid will grow up not respecting women and lead to domestic violence. With all of that being said probably the biggest reason why domestic violence are still committed today are because that person as a child saw domestic violence going on in their household and took that with them as an adult. Of course no family is perfect, sometimes partners argue, kids argue, kids and parents argue, families go through rough times. However domestic violence is something that ruins families. The emotional abuse and physical abuse creates a tension, hate, and hostile environment for any family that goes through it. When families suffer from such cases it is likely that family will be broken forever and separates them forever. Not only does this lead a partner to live a fearful terrible life it also messes with children

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