Domestic Violence Between Men And Women Essay

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Both men and women suffer greatly from abuse whether it be verbal, emotional, physical or financial abuse. Intimate partner violence is usually referred to as domestic violence, which is a real world problem since the dawn of time. When abuse is spoken of usually the first gender to come into someone’s mind is a female and not a male, but in all reality anyone can be a victim of abuse. Battered men and/or women are beings who feel that they are in danger or are in a life threatening situation and the only two choices are to kill or be killed, their lives are on the line. Their self-defense instincts kick in and they act on it and sometimes that results in the death of the abuser. It is solely instinct to kill out of fear and not revenge.
For women, home is a more dangerous place than public places. Most of the men who assault tend to assault their former, or current wives, fiancées, and/or girlfriends at shocking rates. As for women assaulting men, it is the other way around. In the United States, women are more than likely to be attacked, injured, raped, or killed by a male partner than by all other types
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About 75% of the deaths are due to the victim trying to leave or distance themselves from the situation. For women, killing is often seen as a last resort; a defensive move, as for men, it 's an offensive move. Threatening to leave an abuser is one of the most dangerous situations someone can put themselves in, the assailants are usually people who are controlling and often strive to control every aspect of the victim’s life. It’s very likely for the male or female abusers to interfere in their schedules, such as how much time they can spend with friends and family or if they can have any contact with them at all, and maybe even the amount of money they can spend if

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