The Cause And Effect Of Texting And Driving Essay examples

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About eight out of ten crashes involve some sort of driver inattention within three seconds of the crash. Distracted driving is now the number one killer of teen drivers. The number of deaths related to teens drinking and driving has dramatically decreased. Although the number of drunk teens has decreased, the total number of fatal crashes has remained the same due to distracted driving.The only states that sentence people who text and drive to jail is Utah and Alaska. In other states, such as California, for texting and driving you are fined a mere twenty dollars for texting and driving. The South Carolina General assembly should pass a law that texting and driving is treated severely as a DUI in order to reduce the risks of car accidents and death.
According to Students Against Destructive Decisions, seventy-three percent of teens admit to texting and driving. One student claims to get as much as five hundred texts during just one day. This could be why more than half of drivers, especially young ones text and drive. The minor penalty does not phase the drivers, but if the penalty was a month in jail, and a suspension of licenses the rate would drop significantly. Everyday people lose loved ones because a sober person who is distracted by a ding on their phone looks down. Jennifer Smith says” He’s a good kid, he is you and I. He is not just teen who doesn’t care. I didn’t understand how someone like that could just drive through a light without seeing it.”(Hanes) about…

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