The Case Of An Unknown Suspect ( S ) Essay

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This case involves an unknown suspect(s) taking the victim’s property from her residence by an unknown means of entry in violation of PC 459-Residential Burglary. LOCATION DESCRIPTION:

This incident took place at the victim 's single family residence located at 550 MacDonald Street. The unknown suspect(s) took the victim 's property from the dresser in her master bedroom. The point of entry is unknown. LOSS:

• A silver "XL Olympiade Berlin 1936" Olympic medal, worth ???????.

• A "1955 World Series Brooklyn Dodgers VS. Cincinnati Reds" baseball lapel pin with the "Cincinnati Stadium" printed on the face, worth ????????????????.

• Two gold cuff links with "Jackie Robinson" face stamped on the front of both cuff links, worth ?????????????.

On 01-07-16 at approximately ???????? hours, Officer Cass #2067 and I were dispatched to the PPD Records lobby regarding a residential burglary investigation that occurred at 550 MacDonald Street.

Upon our arrival, we met with Victim Delano Catherine Robinson, who resides at the above residence. Robinson told me the following information in summary: On 08-29-15 at approximately ????? hours, Robinson was admitted into the Huntington Memorial Hospital (HMH) for surgery. Robinson locked and secured her residence as well as her master bedroom door before heading into HMH. During her hospitalization, Robinson asked her granddaughter Kathy Robinson-Young (DOB 06-08-58, 626-379-4097) if…

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