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The petitioner humbly submits before this Hon’ble Court that the Petitioner got married to the Respondent on 02/02/2006 at Shri Bakkiya Mahal, KGP Plaza, Muthiraipalayam, Puducherry, before the elders of both the families according to the Hindu Rites and Customs and the marriage were arranged by Mr. Natarajan elder brother of the respondent and marriage was registered on 19/02/2010, at Marriage Officer, Oulgaret, Puducherry. The Petitioner lived a peaceful and happy life for only 3 months from the date of marriage. After then, respondent has started creating problem to have nuclear family and pretended to commit suicide. Whereas, the parents of petitioner were too old and often threatens the petitioner in means of attempting suicide. Mutually, the attempts of committing suicide were communicated to the respondent siblings and they used to advise her regularly. The petitioner was in pushed to mental agony by the act of the respondent she failed to perform the responsibility of the marriage. Meanwhile, the respondent elder sister one Mrs. Geetha and her husband one Mr. Siddan asked over the petitioner to move away from the native house and occupy a nuclear home. If not, both demanded to send the respondent, how she was before marriage or else settle the concern with compensation of Rs. 15,00,000/- which is mere conflicting to natural law. Therefore the act of the respondent was found guilty and cruel in the marital life. Hence, the dream and happiness of petitioner were…

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