The Importance Of National Initiatives

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What are National Initiatives and Why Do we have them
National Initiatives, also known as Acts or Laws are legislations and code set by the government outlining how people should act or behave in situations they are faced with. They are in place to ensure that Care and Service providers are acting and behaving in ways that promote and encourage service users to live a happy and fulfilling life whilst being cared for in an adequate, safe and fair manner. The reason we have National Initiatives is to ensure people are protected.

National Initiatives and Health Care Professional’s Council Codes
National Initiatives include legislation such as The Equality Act 2010, The Children and Families Act 2014, The Care Act 2014, The Mental
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The law was introduced in 2014, after the amount of children who were leaving the care of their biological parents, or were never in the care if their biological parent’s rised.The act also outlines basic practices that parents should be following in order to raise their children in a way that will help them to develop and live a fulfilling and successful life, This act is also in place to help families who may be facing difficulties such as helping the family courts to speed decisions up and helps to keep children in contact with their parents wherever possible some of the main principles of The Children’s and Families Act 2014 include;
• Tackling controversial issues such as smoking in cars, free school meals and the process and laws surrounding adoption.
• Care Proceedings, in order to help get children living in safe and protected accommodation quickly
• Laws surrounding Looked after Children, or children that live within accommodation that is provided by the Authority or an
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This could be used in a real life situation by; if someone doesn’t have the Mental Capacity, their family could use the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to make best of interest decisions on their behalf.

HCPC Codes of Practice:
The HCPC Codes of practice is the list of statements that describe the standards of professional conducts and practice that should be carried out, and are required as Social Care Workers go about their daily work, some of the main principles of the Health Care Professionals Council Code of Conduct include;
• Treating all service users as individuals
• Respecting and promoting individuals views and wishes
• Maintaining the dignity and privacy service users
• Being honest and trustworthy
• Communicating in an appropriate open and accurate in a straightforward
The HCPC Codes of Practice are for all social care support

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