Essay on The Career Paths Side Of High School And Careers

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Congratulations birmingham community charter high school patriots, class of 2016, for making it through all 4 years! As your class counselor, Markel Malykin, I wanted to congratulate you and guide you on your way one more last time. Now all of you seniors who are culminating, are making a huge life decision; should I go to college or go for a career straight out of high school? What I mean by this is are students going to go jump right into the workforce or are they going to take their time now to build stepping stones to a career. To help you answer this ancient question that has been thought about by every graduating high school student, I will be comparing and contrasting careers that one might pursue straight out of high school and careers students can engage in with a four year college degree. Putting these two career paths side by side, and evaluating which has more benefits will make it possible to come to a conclusion of which is best for you. To make the best comparisons between the two career paths, I will correlate the differences by going over three key points which are employment rate, pay, and the element of time. When you choose to either go to college or not, it is important to know how employment rate can affect you. With just a high school education it will be hard to find a job or career to pursue right away. For example, the chances of a high school graduate to become unemployed is higher than ten percent.This is an extremely negative thing because jobs…

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