The Career Of A Registered Nurse Essays

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At first, it was a little difficult on deciding a career to explore in healthcare because there’s so many departments to choose from. I was stuck between a registered nurse or a physician assistant because that is what I hope to become someday. I finally decided to research more and pursuing the career of a registered nurse. I chose this career because I really enjoy helping and caring for others. An RN is constantly around people, checking up on them and listening to their health problems, that’s what I want to do someday. I believe one’s health is very important and I want to be someone that educates or guide others through their illness.
Tasks on becoming a registered nurse involves a lot of interaction towards patients and other healthcare professionals. They monitor the patients, if there’s any changes in their health or simply just checking on their vital signs. After that they also report it to other healthcare professionals and record it. Registered nurses spend time mentoring patients and educate their health conditions they might be facing. This includes what kind of procedures they could do at home to maintain their health. There’s more tasks included but it all depends on what area the nurse is working in or the type of nurse they are. Examples can be, neonatol nurse, nephrology nurse, cardiovascular nurse and other types of nurses. Registered nurses can work in schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices and in long-term care facilities. Tasks can also vary on the…

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