Essay The Career Investigation Of A Registered Nurse

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After the career investigation project, I have chosen to be a registered nurse. Ever since I was young, my parents encouraged me to study hard and aim high so I could become a doctor. Unfortunately, the path to becoming a doctor is long and strenuous and I wish to do more than just study for an added 15 years. I wish to travel and take time off for myself to cultivate the person I want to be, and so, I think this occupation is suitable for me. I’ll be able to finish school quickly and obtain a job before I grow old. Two personal skills that I have that might be useful for this job are my organization and communication skills. These skills will help as I will be working with patients and their records. I am very interested in the study of the human body thus I think I’ll be able to learn a lot from my experiences with working alongside my patients. My research has brought me to wanting to become a registered nurse. Nurses are health care providers who work with other health care team members. Generally, a nurse would have a job in a hospital, clinic, nursing home, prison, or school. They can also be hired as private care givers and work in the patient’s home. Weeks are long with 35 - 40 hours needed for the job and although it is not rare, many nurses work evenings and on the weekend. The practice of nursing is regulated by the CRNBC to ensure that proper care is given to the recipients. This job relies heavily on direct contact as they must perform procedures to see how…

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