The Cambodian Genocide And Holocaust Essay

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The Cambodian Genocide and Holocaust: Comparison and Contrast The intentional killing of a large group of people, typically due to ethnicity, race or religion is known as genocide. In the Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide, many innocent people were murdered in hopes of a “perfect population”. The Holocaust began in 1933 in Germany when Adolf Hitler rose to power. Hitler and members of the National Socialist German Workers Party committed the massacre of genocide. The massacre was committed against those of Jewish background, different religions and homosexuals, along with the handicapped and children/elders who were unable to work. Hitler ordered the Holocaust in hopes of rebuilding the government from economic depression and creating one, equal mindset for all (“Holocaust…Introductory”). The Cambodian Genocide occurred in Cambodia when Pol Pot, a dictator took over. He rose to power in the Khmer Rouge and had the goal of trying to nationalize the farming society. Pol Pot had a goal of creating a Maoist-Communism government. The genocide began in 1975 and ended in 1978. It occurred against those who couldn’t perform daily labor or were a part of a different belief system that could “overthrow” the Khmer Rouge (“Cambodian”). Although the Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide are different in their causes related to the type of “perfect population” they strived for and the government, they are similar in their aftermath and forms of punishment. The Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide…

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