Essay On Inhumanity In Night

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The Holocaust took six million Jews’ lives. The nazis and Adolf Hitler were in control. There were many concentration camps that took place during this prejudice time. Most people suffered. There were many causes of death. During the year of 1944, Elie and his family were taken into Auschwitz, a traumatizing concentration camp. In the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel expresses the theme as humanity vs. inhumanity. First, the SS men took away the prisoners’ names, including Elie’s.They also called them derogatory names. Furthermore, Dr, Josef Mengele experimented the hostages like they were animals. Lastly, the jews were not provided everyday with necessities they needed everyday, like food. The first act of inhumanity was beyond their arrival. First, the jews were disrespected by the officers. The prisoner’s names were long forgotten when they had their left arms tattooed with numbers. As Elie had his number being tattooed to his arm, he stated “I became A-7713. From then on, I had no other name”(42). For someone to take away the name of a human, and call them a sequence of numbers, was unethical. The name of each prisoner was all they had left before they arrived to Auschwitz. To take it away and label them instead was like throwing away life. The nazis also called …show more content…
humanity was the theme in the memoir, Night. The SS men treated the jews poorly. In the beginning, the officers took away the captives’ real names and replaced them with numbers. A name was all the prisoners had left, yet the officers still took them away. They also called them inconsiderate labels. In addition, they were put through selection. It determined their strength and health. It was a test of life or death. If a man made one mistake, his life depended on it. Lastly, the prisoners received very little rations of food everyday. They did not have enough food, for they were dying. In conclusion, concentration camps were very inhumane, for the camps killed about six million jews’

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