The Importance Of The Bystander Effect

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The Holocaust was a traumatic time in history when millions of Jews died by the hands of a political group called the Naizs. They tormented, tortured and killed not only Jews but also the sick, the “ugly”, and basically anyone who was not the “perfect race”. Overall, the Jews suffered the most and had the most casualties. No one knew of this doing until after the war when allied troops came to liberate the people in the concentration camps. After this discovery people around the world were shocked and disgusted on what has happened to the Jews. In fact, our society today wants to make sure that our generation will not only learn about World War two but also learn about the Holocaust. However, why is it vital that the lessons learned from the …show more content…
Base on psychologist today, “the bystander effect occurs when the presence of others discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation”. Its basically, if they are not doing it why should I do it kind of mentality. During the Holocaust, base on, “The vast majority of people in Germany and occupied Europe were aware, to at least some extent, of how the Nazi regime was treating the Jews. Nevertheless, they took no active position on the matter.” These people didn’t harm or try to also persecute Jews but they didn’t help either. The fact that they knew that Jews were being persecuted in their own country, could have saved them yet they just stayed quiet and done nothing. Therefore, the Jews that who had survived the Holocaust, their number one thing that they will talk about in their writings and in their speech is that no one should be quiet when circumstances like this come up. If no one says anything it will be too late once they do and will leave people with regrets. That is why we must teach our young ones about not being an inactive bystander because it won’t just hurt others but it will also hurt them in the long

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