Why The Holocaust Is Important

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I think that it is important that we study the Holocaust because it was a huge part of history. Over 6 million people died in the Holocaust. The Holocaust impacted many lives, including Eliezer’s life. Many families were lost during this time. In the book, “Night” By Elie Wiesel, Eliezer was a part of the Holocaust and lost his family because of it. Elie and his family were all separated when they were brought to the camp. This event was very dark and scary not only for Elie but for everyone else who was there. There are three main reasons why the Holocaust is important, it was a huge part of history, the extermination of Jews and they wanted to keep family close. How could they if they were all separated? First is, the Holocaust was a huge part of world history. The Holocaust was a event that should never be forgotten because of how many people died. It was the biggest death camp and it was originally just a detention camp at first. "Men to the left! Women to the right!" They had to separate women and men from each other. This is because they didn’t want anybody to fall in love with anyone. If a Nazi was to fall in love with a Jew, they were to be killed. Plus, they also wanted to separate families. “It was imperative to stay together.” It was important that you stayed with your family too, staying …show more content…
It was a super important part in history and why it is important to never forget about all those who had died in the Holocaust. Many people today don’t realize why it was so important to history and nobody would know how those people felt and how it was like to be in there. Everybody has their own stories to how this went. How Hitler thought that Jews were his problems, and how it impacted so many families. So, that's why it is important that we study and learn more about the Holocaust as it had a huge impact on other people's lives and how so many people had died during this

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