The Branches Of The American Government Essays

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The Three Branches It is unfortunate how many students don’t understand the Three Branches of the American Government. Too often people simply take the governmental process for granted or they choose not to think about it. However, the Three Branches serve as a basis for the United States system of governing, each with tasks delegated to it designed to improve the country. It is important for every citizen – not just students - to understand the Three Branches. To begin with, it is vital to understand the Legislative Branch. The purpose of this branch affects the lives of American citizens every day. The utmost important duty of the Legislative Branch is to make laws. Without this Branch, our normal way of life would be chaos. Each law the Branch creates is a stepping stone for a more positive future. The next important topic is understanding how the Legislative Branch checks the other Branches. The Legislative Branch uses the system of checks and balances, which was set up by the Constitution. With this system, the Legislative Branch possesses the power to change certain things other Branches have done. When it comes to keeping the Executive Branch in check, the Legislative Branch has the power to: override presidential vetoes, fund executive actions, remove the President through impeachment, have the Senate approve treaties, and approve Presidential appointments. This ensures that the Executive Branch doesn’t become too dominant. Correspondingly, the Legislative…

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