The Booth Western Art Museum Essay

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While on a weekend adventure a few friends and I stumbled upon a small art museum called The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. This museum is 120,000 square feet that opened in August of 2003. This museum “houses the largest permanent exhibition space for western art in the country" (Booth Western Art M). This museum hosts many exhibits both temporary and permanent of civil war art, presidential portraits, letters and historic western art including Native Americans. While exploring this exhibit what caught my attention the most was the exhibit, By Her Hand: Native American Women, Their Art and The Photographs of Edward S. Curtis. As described in the exhibit flyer this exhibition “brings together Native American artwork and objects, with the iconic photographs by Edward S. Curtis, creating a relationship between the images and artifacts, enriching the meaning of both by giving context, insight and perspective.” While the artwork of Native American women was the focus for this gallery I was more interested in the role that Curtis played in the lives of the American Indian and how the relationship between them came about. Edward Curtis is considered an “American hero who created one of the most iconic visual records in the history of the photographic medium” ( Curtis took photographs of Native Americans during at time when many whites wanted this culture to become extinct. He studied and documented the Native American people through…

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