Mobile Museum Of Art

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Recently I got to visit the mobile museum of art located in Mobile, Alabama. The visit was quite interesting and I got to experience the allure of detailed pieces of art that are so masterfully crafted, painted or drawn. The trip to the Mobile Museum of Art is one that I cannot forget. The Museum is a host permanent and temporary visiting collection of art. The collection available in the Museum spans the periods from the classical antiquity to the present day art. The museum is owned and supported by a unique private to public partnership where the facility is owned by the city of Mobile while the art collection is privately owned. The mobile museum of art, I come to learnt it was founded in the year 1964 and since then the museum has grown …show more content…
Cochrane Gallery. This gallery represents the American art. While it comes as no surprise that the real story of American art is America itself, its surrounding, its people and their daily routines. During the period of colonial America, portrait painting was the most dominant as the who is who of the time such as prominent politicians, civic and religious leaders sought to engrave their achievement through portraits. Artistry included household items such as furniture, silverware, glass, pots and woven materials which were finely crafted to be able to compete in import markets. American artists of the colonial America also sought to depict war heroes and tragedies in the model of Old world paintings.
The mobile museum of art possesses most of the American art work from many of the American artists who sheer contribution to the history of this country is of major significance. The exhibition includes works from American Master Crafts from 1945 to present. It exhibits from the collection West vs East, the Developments in Contemporary Ceramics works of curation of Susie Bowman, The Kiln and Fairhope and collection GLASS; versatility/ virtuosity as while as exhibition of American
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Hoyt Colgate. The painting which was done in 1923 by one Howard Chandler Christy on an Oil Canvas is depiction the wife to American businessman who was a Russian refugee active mostly the 19th century. The portrait done one of the most famous American Artist and illustrator of the time who was popularly known for his work “Christy Girl”. Howard Chandler Christy fist evoked attention with his amazing realistic illustrations during the Spanish-American war. Chandler Christy gained a special visibility with his series “Men of the Army and Navy” and eventually the portrait of Colonel Roosevelt. This two pieces propelled Chandler Christy to national prominence. After his rose to stardom he turned away from paint men in uniform and went on to paint beauty in women, that is when he painted “Christy Girl” a portrait that was supposed to redefine how women were portrayed in

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