The Book ' Back School : Why Everyone Deserves A Second Chance At Education

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In the book “Back to School: Why Everyone Deserves a Second Chance at Education”, by Mike rose; he discusses why going to school matters. He says that nearly 45 percent of postsecondary students to not attend college after high school. He say that people who once was in the wrong footsteps deserve a “Second- chance institution,” such as adult education program and community colleges. There are many people who deserved a second chance on becoming educated; single parents, those coming from jails or rehab programs, non-English speakers. He believes that these “second- chance institution” will help many develop skills and as well build knowledge. Rose spent several years in community colleges, observing and interviewing students. Rose introduces the readers to an ex-gang member named Henry, who was paralyzed by a gunshot; eventually decides to return back to school. Often times people think what’s the point of going to school, it a waste of time—let’s start making money and enter the workforce, soon after from graduating high school. Speaking for myself, I always thought why waste six- years trying to get an education plus, when I could just be making money. I believe that the reason why I went to college was because of my mother, she motivates me to do better. Sometimes, people need to experience a devastated situation, to change their life for good. Henry was misled by the streets; he got involved with gangs got in trouble with the laws. But it wasn’t until he became…

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