‘the Body Has Become Part of a Project to Be Worked at, a Project Increasingly Linked to a Person’s Identity of Self.’ (Entwistle, ‘the Influence of Foucault’

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‘The body has become part of a project to be worked at, a project increasingly linked to a person’s identity of self.’ (Entwistle, ‘The Influence of Foucault,’ 19) Discuss.
Pictures of the self- reinforced through language, imagery, embodied practices and mental habits- hold us captive in ways we are not even aware of. The challenge of thinking ourselves differently as embodied individuals demands that we make visible these pictures so that we can come to understand, if you will, that the door might open inwards. (Heyes, 2007: 20)
The physical body we live in-‘we’ being our innate selves, our souls- denies society the view beneath the skin. The only indication of our identity, as Heyes implies, is through the visual self. This is
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His research on the history of prisons and the creation of “docile bodies” through disciplinary techniques and how discipline is applied in the experience of embodiment in modern society, which explains the notion of the body being an unfinished entity.
In the next segment, I will examine the theory of how the body as an ongoing project is associated with the person’s identity of self; elaborating on how the culture we live in reflects upon our bodies and shapes our perceptions, thus explaining that working on the body to meet societal expectations is a construction of a sense of self.
To illustrate how the identity of self is linked to the constant upgrading project of the body, the use of cosmetic surgery will be explored as a tool for attaining the idealised image of beauty, as set by the media, elaborating how this can improve their self-esteem and happiness, through portraying on the outside the vision of the self inside.
The final section will discuss the arguments of whether cosmetic surgery serves to unveil the true self or is itself the veil. The two opposing arguments about the use of cosmetic surgery will be examined, looking at examples from the accelerating obsession with cosmetic surgery in South Korea.

While the body serves as an individual means of expressing our place in society, it is also an

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