The Black Bag - Original Writing Essay

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Jackie ran her fingers through her ebony hair, a habit she got into since she cut her long wavy hair. Her hair was now in a chin length pixie cut, she didn’t particularly like it, but she needed a change. Her black bag was growing heavy in her hand, anchoring her to that spot. ‘I can do this’ she thought as she turned the knob to the old wood door. Her palms were sweaty and she couldn’t get a good grip on the doorknob. A man, approximately in his early 20s, looked annoyed at her actions. Jackie began to shrink back into herself and quickly moved away from the door, allowing the impatient man to jerk it open with brutal force. The smell of pine filled her nostrils. She liked the smell; it was comforting and made her nerves calm down. She took a deep breath and walked into the room. “Does everyone have their books with them?” asked the old woman.
“Yes” they all confirmed in unison.
“What?” exclaimed the old woman.
The old woman was hard of hearing and knitting a scarf. Jackie didn’t know her name, this was her first session, but she noticed things about the woman. For starters, in the five minutes Jackie has been sitting there, the woman already mentioned two of her five husbands. Second, for an old lady her fashion choice was bold, she was sporting a pair of scarlet tights, even Jackie couldn’t pull them off. Finally, she noticed when the woman smiled; her two front teeth were gapped.
“Okay, lets begin. Who actually read the book,” she announced to the group, then…

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