The Big Bang Theory: The Origin Of The Universe

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Pursuing diversity is one of the priority goals of the being, however, the one conundrum that all human beings have a similar sense is to figure out the origin of life. Among history, different religions, societies and histories have different stories about human origins, such as Adam and Eve, the God, or the evolutionary story. But these are all from a microscopic aspect compared to the universe. Now, a bigger and more macroscopic question is how the whole universe that contains everything originated? Is the universe created by the God or something up on a higher dimensional world that keeps an eye on us?
From a historical perspective, it is such a long way for myriads of scientists to explain the origin of the Universe, human civilization helps us to understand more about ourselves. The Big Bang theory is the best explanation for now to explain why universe is expanding from nothing about 13.8 billion years ago. Until 1927, the hypothesis that proposed by Georges Lemaître, the Big Bang theory, which indicated that the universe
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Some people tend to imagine that the universe was born with a giant explosion because of the name which was intended to be an analogy of a rapid expansion rather than an explosion. Also, some people believes that the big bang theory takes the place of the God and impeded the development of religion. However, the Big Bang theory is from a scientific perspective that provides people an alternative way to look at the position of themselves in the universe. The story of God is from a philosophical and religious perspective which can be coexisted with science. Until the civilized modern world, scientists continuously explored the birth of the universe because there are still mysterious facts about the universe that we, human beings cannot find the

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