The Between Soda Intake And Obesity Essay

728 Words Feb 17th, 2016 3 Pages
One of the major issues the Americans are currently facing and will be for the next few generations is the major increase in obesity rates in the United States. The current trend is not showing any signs of slowing down and could pose a major problem to america and it’s future. Although, this is where most of debate falls apart, the majority of Americans realize the importance of this problem, but it’s the cause that can’t be agreed upon. We are going to take a look at how different online sources present the issue in their own light and from their point of view. One such source is the Harvard T.H Chan School Of Public Health, which adamantly believes in the link between soda intake and obesity. They list multiple sources and multiple statistics regarding studies and their findings. One horrifying piece of data they mentioned claimed that “People who consume sugary drinks regularly—1 to 2 cans a day or more—have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes…”, which is not something you would want to give to your kids. The school is a highly prestigious, was ranked second in the nation out of all health 's schools, and believes in providing the “highest level of education.” But the school also calls on people to move around and eat healthy to lose weight and keep a balanced diet. Another believer in strong correlation between obesity and sugary drinks is King County, a government owned website based in Washington that ranges from public services, elected officials to…

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