Essay on The Best Value System Of My Life

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Most of the motivational or inspirational speeches or success stories often speak about finding a sense of purpose, exploring the horizon, and finding a way to give back. Speakers would say things like “Learn to bring the greatness within” or “Go and make a difference” or “Be an inspiration to somebody else.” Hearing these words makes me strongly believe that people exist because they all serve a purpose to mankind. Their objectives of living is to find their worth and learn to share the experiences and life lessons to the next generation. With this in mind, “no man is an island” truly; however, there are still some who exist in believing that they are capable of living alone and do things that are selfish rather than selfless. Human exists to live his or her life as if living for somebody else’s, making me consider this as the best value system of my very own life. At a very young age, my mind has always been set to be responsible, to be independent, and to be caring and compassionate to others. These values mostly develop by how my parents raised me. They taught me that the best thing I could do is to share what I have to others because that form of kindness is the most appreciated. Moreover, growing up in a country where only few are capable of obtaining a good life, I began to see the needs of people especially those who are less fortunate. This is one of the factors that sets my mind in providing service and care to other people, making me want to be in the healthcare…

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