Essay on The Best Suggestions On Listening Skills

725 Words Mar 14th, 2015 3 Pages
Listening skill is the ability to receive and process information. How well we are able to understand, analyze and use information and ideas that we receive through listening defines our ability to effectively engage in communication process and provide adequate answer in a form of feedback information, action or decision. In business, listening is useful in every aspect from negotiations, conflict resolutions, decision-making and everyday communication with colleagues, customers, subordinates and managers. The best suggestions on how to improve listening skills I have found on the Forbes web page (Schilling, 2012). These are simple but in my opinion quite effective techniques that could be learned by anyone such as: “Face the speaker and maintain eye contact”; “Be attentive, but relaxed”; “Keep an open mind”; “Listen to the words and try to picture what the speaker is saying” and etc. Assertiveness means the ability to defend your interest, being confident and forceful to stand your values, aims and opinions. Being assertive does not mean aggressive because in my opinion, unlike aggressive behaviors, assertiveness is built on logical reasoning, respect and critical thinking. In the business environment, assertiveness on a personal level is required for individuals to speak up and stand their personal interests, i.e. ask for a reasonable price, not allow others to exploit you. Sometimes business resemble more of a jungle with predators- ability to show your confidence…

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