The Benefits Of Pet Dogs

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My family was planning a vacation and we came across the question of who would take care of our pet dogs, Cuddles and Cutie and our Siamese cat, Sultan. We began researching pet sitting services because we thought leaving three pets with friends or neighbours would be an imposition. Much to our surprise we could not find any such service to our satisfaction. Leaving the pets in the care of the teenager next door was not an option this time. Finally, we decided that the rest of the family should go ahead and I would stay behind to look after the pets. Necessity is the mother of invention! That was when the idea struck me to start a pet sitting service.
Organizational Overview What we realized was that there were a few pet
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Cuddles Are Us has a full time veterinarian on staffs that provides the medical advice to pet sitters who may need help with the medical needs of pets. At every location, we have a qualified animal technician who can give pets injections or change bandages during the day (Your Healthy pet).
Cuddles Are Us have a unique service for older dogs, which we call “Senior Cuddles”. Often pet owners work long hours, so they have the option of dropping off their pets two or three times a week for play and company. We have two outdoor areas where dogs are allowed to play together without a leash, one for puppies and one for older dogs (Your Healthy pet).
Cats have a separate area where they either have a large cage to spend the night in, and an open area to play or rest in during the day. All dogs and cats are screened to make sure they have the necessary vaccinations. Owners also fill out a questionnaire so that we know more about the pet, its habits and moods, and whether it should be alone or in the company of other similar
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Cuddles Are Us is positioned to fit into the “lifestyle” of their target market. Another group of clients they are targeting are those individuals with single pets within their household and those that have dogs with special needs. The atmosphere that Cuddles Are Us is providing for their customers is a welcoming, relaxing, and family orientated. They have positioned themselves and their environment for customers to appeal to them that they are leaving their pets in hands of professionals and will be treated like family with care. They provide 3 different natural grooming options and food ranges from wet, dry and raw. Cuddles Are Us also have different options for dogs and cats with or on special dietary needs. Cuddles Are Us chose the mediums of the television advertisements, offline follow up, social media, and search engine optimization and billboard posters advertisements to attract more customers and to have a stronger reach to the public in Canada (Howard,

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