The Rhetorical Analysis Of Snuggie's Commercial

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It is difficult to create an effective commercial ad that can reach a widespread audience, but Snuggie proves it is possible. Snuggie uses ethos in their commercial to gain credibility with their customers. Their credibility is established through comparisons to their competitors and other marketing tools. The ad then also uses logos to persuade their customers; logos is the use of logic to prove your point in an argument. Snuggie uses their low cost and long durability to give customers financial reason to purchase a Snuggie. Lastly, Snuggie appeals to the emotional side of their customers by using pathos. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) defines pathos as “more closely refers to an audience’s perspective more generally. In this resource, pathos means audience.” Snuggie uses several different happy video clips and images to promote a wholesome product. Snuggie effectively argues their usefulness, practicality, and cost using all three methods of argument.
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Wholesome families are shown enjoying their Snuggies together to paint a positive view on Snuggies. Potential customers can relate to the quality family time shown in the commercial all while Snuggie is sneakily convincing their customers to buy multiple Snuggies instead of just one. Parents are shown enjoying their children’s sporting events while wearing a Snuggie in attendance; they deliberately choose common situations to relate with as many potential customers as possible. These relaxing images can make the customer associate Snuggies with a happy family in their mind; if the family in the commercial loves their Snuggies so much maybe their own family will as well. These common situations allow for maximum potential when trying to reach new customers, and may even convince previous customers to buy another. It is clear how strong emotional appeals, even when using two very different emotions, can greatly help an

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