Group Intervention In Foster Care

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1. Throughout the course of this assignment, I will identify the population I believe would benefit from a group based intervention at my current field placement. Using readings discussed in class, I will identify the benefits of using a group approach with this population. I will propose the type of group approach I believe best fits for this population. I will be discussing the challenges or obstacles that may be faced in-group interventions with this population and ways I would address these challenges. Lastly, I will be discussing plans for initial group sessions and the goals developed for the first initial sessions. As well as the readings that helped me with this group proposal.
The population that could benefit from a group-based
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A study of mental health care for children and youth in foster care found that, “one-half and three-fourths of children who enter foster care have demonstrated emotional and behavioral symptoms that require mental health treatment” (Greeno, E. 2015). The Child and Adolescent Treatment Services at Bonding Links Mental Health Clinic offer thorough assessment and treatment services in both English and Spanish. The whole child is addressed, with a focus on strengths and family work. The mental health clinic serves children and adolescents in their community from 2-17 years of age. The Coalition for Hispanic Family Services has a foster care department within the same agency. I have seen the interactions among foster parents and staff. I also have witnessed the interactions of foster children with foster parents. I believe that the agency should offer more support for the …show more content…
The main focus of the assignment was to form a support group for foster parents. The purpose of the public child welfare agencies is to maintain, reunify, and prevent families from separation. Therefore, these systems exist where children are placed temporarily with foster parents until those children can be reunified with their family. During that time that children are placed, foster parents play an important role in their life. Many parents have reported not having enough support and or training to deal with real life situations that may arise (Wayne, J & Cohen, C.S. 2001). Therefore it 's beneficial in creating a space for parents where they share common circumstances, like complex emotional and behavioral difficulties with their foster children. Foster parents need the mutual support to encourage discipline and positive reinforcement in a healthy way to their foster children. Support groups help each other

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