Genetically Modified Organisms Argumentative Essay

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GMOs have the potential to do multiple things. For those of you that may not know GMOS (or Genetically modified organisms) are organisms that have been created through gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). They are a safe way to slow down pollution and use less land in crop production. GMOs also provide many health benefits, and could also be a leading cause in ending world hunger. Currently many people are opposing GMOs because GMOs are a relatively young concept, and they believe GMOs only benefit the consumer. Many restrictions on GMOs are unintelligent and foolish because there are so many ways that GMOs can benefit planet earth and all its organisms. Currently we are facing many problems around …show more content…
When really genetically modified foods are becoming geared towards the consumers with many benefits such as increased resistance to herbicides and pests. In the article “Joe Regenstein Touts Benefits of GMOs”, by Amanda Boswerth, it mainly favors the use of Genetically Modified Organisms over the disuse. The author writes about how people are just scared of something new, and to the people that think Genetically Modified Organism are unnatural and dangerous, he sais that agriculture has never been natural, which if you think about it, that is true. The author goes on to say arguments for the affirmation include the increase of vitamins, increasing crop yields, and producing weather producing plants. This article should be looked at as a good source because the article was written as an interview. The author Amanda Bosworth was interviewing a college professor who taught agricultural science, and he also had written a book about GMOs, which meant his knowledge on the subject was immense. Also as I stated before in my fourth subtopic “the health benefits of genetically modified organisms” I wrote multiple ways in which the GMO’s could benefit the consumer by ways of health. Such as in Ken Mandel’s article “GMO Food Pros and Cons”. Mandel stated that “Scientists have engineered plants to

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