Gmos Are A Grand Experiment On Health, Environment Essays

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In the article, “GMOs are a Grand Experiment on Health, Environment (op-ed),” the author Katherine Tallmadge, states that GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are an unknown factor. She is someone well respected in the GMO field to be interviewed about GMOs by CNN, yet her expertise is hardly ever voiced in the article. Tallmadge is a nutritional expert as well as holding a degree in behavioral analysis, she is qualified to discuss the nutritional effects of GMOs in this article. She begins her article by highlighting the risk factors associated with consuming GMOs. Then she discusses what the government’s stance on GMOs are. Then she discusses the environmental impact GMOs have had. Finally she discusses the hazards of soybean oil, a product made from GMOs. She ends her article saying “Until we know the result of this ‘grand experiment’, we can’t really be sure” (Tallmadge 3).
This article, “GMOs Are a Grand Experiment on Health, Environment (Op-Ed)”, by Katherine Tallmadge was not an effective argument; she failed to use logos, ethos, or pathos effectively. Because of this, her article turned into an informative piece rather than an argumentative one.
Tallmadge claims that GMOs are an unknown variable. This is where she begins to lose the logos aspect of her argument. She does not structure her initial claim for there to be an argument. The claim that GMOs are an unknown variable is about as vague as one can get. Tallmadge alludes to GMOs being an unknown and…

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