The Benefits Of Gardening

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Gardening is not something families love to do on a daily basis. It is considered a hobby when people think about how much work and time invested into their own gardens. Doing an activity outside is a good way to relieve stress for families that want to exercise and do something with their bodies. Even though gardening is not a popular hobby, it can help people relieve stress and promote relaxation. There are many ways to relieve stress by gardening. Some of the ways include: keep it a hobby, not a chore, make friends with nature, leave your phone inside the house, work with people, and much more. When people continue to do certain activities, they will continue to enjoy doing what they like to do. If people treat some activities as …show more content…
While gardening does require some physical strength, it allows people to exercise their bodies. By making friends with nature, people will take the time to adapt into the natural world where they. Kristen K. Brown stated that working in the garden will allow people to slow down and admire the natural world that they used to do (Andrews 3). She researched that “spending time in nature can help restore your attention, relax your body, and revive your mood” (Andrews 3). Many people are caught up with technology lately so they should not be working in the garden and checking up social media at the same time. When people are working in the garden, they should take this time to experience the natural world they live in (Andrews 4). It is not fun …show more content…
It allows people to expose to nature. When people work outside, they are able to breathe in fresh air which provides oxygen which that “provides health to the cells in our bodies” (Gardening 2). Also, people get to listen to nature sounds that allow them “to appreciate the earth and all that is to offer” (Gardening 3). In general, it is good for people to do something outside of their homes such as gardening. Even though it is painful to work in the garden under the sunlight, sunlight benefits people’s brains and helps them stay focused on their tasks at hand. Gardening can reduce stress through mental focus and meditation by conducting physical activity in the garden and leaving aside all of their internal problems (Gardening 4). Then again, gardening does get rid of all the problems that people go through and working their gardens outside will allow them to stop thinking about them for a while. The good thing is that people get to take a break once in a while. Gardening can reduce stress through creativity. Whatever people can do in the garden, they can create their own personal projects such as making a flower garden, a vegetable garden, or a herb garden (Gardening 5). This is evident that working in the garden can relieve stress through many positive effects. However, there may be some drawbacks to

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