The Benefits Of Community College

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After graduating high school, many students ask themselves the same question, “Should I go to a four year university, or can I get away with going to a community college, but still have the same opportunities offered as a university student?” The answer to this question can vary depending on what the student is looking for out of the college experience. College can be a difficult and stressful time because for many students it can be the stepping stones to shaping the rest of your life. These students know that the decisions they make from here on out will change their lives forever, and one of the hardest could be choosing between starting with community college or a four year university. For many it is assumed that a community college is not as beneficial as a four year university to start, but they aren’t aware that “45 percent of all bachelor’s degrees are awarded to students who have transferred from a community college,” as recorded by The National Student Clearing House in the article by Jameson. (2014) In today’s society, people are discouraged and don’t appreciate what a …show more content…
Community college has become more popular over the years and pushing more people to school because they are aware that, “many jobs require at least a bachelorette degree for an entry level position.” (Jenkins, 2013) The choice is always up to the student and they seem to be discouraged from beginning with a community college because of the status that it can hold in our society today. Research has shown that a student who begins with a community college can do the same as a university student as long as he has the drive and motivation to succeed. When it comes down to it, the research seems to show that it comes down to the student’s actions and grades while in school, rather than the status or type of

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