Environmental Benefits Of Bottled Water

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In recent years, some bottled water factories have closed down one after another. More and more people are installing a water purifier in order to drink clean water in China. Some people think that bottled water may cause environmental damage and it wastes of resources. Furthermore, There are also some people who prefer to drink bottled water, they think it is convenient, and it is healthier than bottled water. That is a common question about which one is healthier and cleaner. While some people believe that bottled water is harmful to environment, other people think that with the resources we have, the consumer controls the damage done by the plastic bottles. The tap water is produced by complex process, and through the professional …show more content…
The bottled water is defined as water that is sealed in food grade bottles and intended for human consumption. There are several types of bottled water, depending on the type of water provided and the source of the water. This publication will address the type of bottled water most often used to replace tap water(Don Janssen). Also, bottled water has occupying ours life, you can see the bottled water everywhere in our life, Airport, office, stores and homes. In addition, the United states is the biggest drinker of bottled water in the world. The consumption of bottled water doubled worldwide between 1999 and 2004. Globally, a total of 154 billion liters are sold annually. Haderspeak also mentions in her article that the sales of bottled water totaled $12.1 billion during 2011, which corresponds with Arik Azoulay’s observation that”consumption of tap water in North America has decreased and consumption of bottled wear has increase(Matthias 192). So, we can seen that from the date, bottled water waste of massive amount resources. Also, bottled water damages the environment because the bottles become unnecessary garbage and require large quantities of energy to be produced. Elizabeth Royte mentions in her book Bottlemania: How Water Went on sale and Why We Bought It that the U.S. produces 50 billion water bottles a year. Most of those bottles are not recycled (Matthias 196). Some people even throw the plastic bottled to the river and ground after drink it. It not only damages our environment, but also damages the living of animals. The plastic bottled may harmful to the fish in water, and the birds may will eat it when it is on the

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