Essay On Becoming A Military Engineer

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Military Combat Engineer
Imagine receiving an extra 40,000 dollars just for choosing a specific military job of your choice after enlisting. Having a job in the military making a considerable amount of money and furthering one's education. One will be able to obtain this by hard work and dedication. Among the hard work and dedication one will have to administer they will also have to endure tough training and operations, learning new capabilities and skills, acquiring new duties and thinking of the aftermath and benefits of being in the military. When someone walks into a recruiter's office they just can't say i'm a soldier and start their dream job they must go through intense training and operation skills. The recruiter will then tell you
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There are many duties one must fulfill each and every day before doing there normal job. Waking up at 05:00 isn't easy for everyone. After completing a bridge one may be assigned to go back and test the bridge to ensure it meets the requirements needed for the task. Most likely detailed drawing and system layouts will be provided to prevent further damage or create new problems with the structure. One of the most dangerous parts about being a combat engineer is working with explosives. One mistake may result in serious injury or death to oneself or there fellow soldiers. There is a continuous amount of training when it comes to explosives along with a fun part of testing and experimenting to learn just what they are capable from first hand experience (“horizontal construction”). One of the coolest parts of being a combat engineer is detecting mines. This is interesting because one will get to explore what it's like to be underground and how far away you are from the surface. It's important to have engineers that can detect mines so that roads don't collapse under all the weight and others don't get hurt in the process(“47-2073.00 - Operating

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