Historiography Of Military History

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Military history has had it up and down throughout the years depending on who you are talk to about it. It has always be popular it with the public who are not scholar for a living, but in academic world it is not as popular as it is public. Before getting on what current state of military history need to know the historiography of the military history and how it effect how military is seen in today.
The historiography of the military history has change over the years from the starter of military. At the beginning with Ancient times military history was more about what kings had done in battle especially with complex society that had some kind of written language like Egypt and Mayan Mesoamerica . It was not like history is today. It was more
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The Greek were the first to write about history. The Greeks historiographies of this dominate by two figure; Herodotus and Thucydides. They left their mark on history and had an impact on the Military history like Herodotus writing about Persian Wars . Military history different from country to country and it has changes over the years some are based on the Greek model like the Rome. It was mostly told orally by story like Homer’s Iliad . It would changes over times to wars manuals and war tales like Sunzi’s Art of War . In the fourteen and fifteens Centuries change the historiography for Europe as Thing like Black Death and Hundred Years War make it connects to war and politics In the nineteenth century which led to modern historical profession and the west type of history to the Creasy method. Then in the last fifty years after World War I and II military history drop in popular in the academic world . …show more content…
It is also known as utilitarian. It can be spilt up into two groups’ military and civilians. The first of this group is for people that are in the military and tell them about how to a soldier and act like on the battle or how to fight. It tells military leader how to plan out attack on the enemy and to handle civilians and what is expect for officer to act on and off the battle field. It also tells the history of the military to give the soldier some pride in what they do for their country. This type of professorial history can influence policymaker to make “the “correct” choices about manpower policy or weapons appropriations” . The last of these groups is the civilian utilitarian military history and it is more of history course for university to help understands the military . Patrick Porter, Good Anthropology, Bad History: The Cultural Turn in Studying War is example of utilitarian military history. It takes about the study how military history has change like how culture turn effect war or how greed and power have influences wars

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