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I have watched Beatles movie “Help!”, and I find it very interesting since the story is entertaining and their songs are enjoyable. Beatles are shown performing in this movie. The movie describes a story that Ringo wears a ring that makes him a sacrificial victim of an eastern cult. The Clang and the mad scientist Foot are going after the Beatles for the ring. The movie ends up with Ringo getting off the ring and being free from the sacrificial victim. There are some Beatles songs in the movie, including “Help!”, “You’re Going to Lose That Girl”, “Ticket to Ride”, “I Need You”, “The Night Before”, and “Another Girl”. In my opinion, some of these songs reflect the theme of the film, and others are only shown as music videos. “The Night Before” …show more content…
John Lennon plays the electric piano, and Paul McCartney plays the bass as the lead vocal. George Harrison plays the lead and rhythm guitar. He is also responsible for the backing vocals along with John Lennon. As usual, Ringo Starr plays the drums. “The Night Before” starts with Ringo’s light drumming, and emphasized by John’s rhythmic piano. Throughout the song, Paul uses a harsh singing style. I notice that the Beatles apply the “Call and Response” to this song’s verse. Paul’s lead vocal is always followed by George’s and John’s harmony, which is “Aaah, the night before”. And it alternates with the second melody. I would say one of the most outstanding features of this song is the guitar solo; the guitar solo double track an octave apart. The guitar solo sound pierces through the drums and the pianos and attracts so much attention from the listeners. In the meanwhile, John plays the electric piano that gives more drive to the song itself. It cannot be denied that the music and the visuals reinforce each other. When the Beatles play “The night before” in the shadow of Stonehenge, two Beatles, Ringo and John, wear the military uniforms, under the context that they are protected by the British army. When George plays the guitar solo in the third verse, the movie shows the scene that the Clang is setting up the T.N.T bombs underground. As the music continues, there are more scenes for the Clang. We can see them climb over the fence and approach the Beatles. What strikes me most is that the bombs explode just as the Beatles finish the

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