Essay about The Basketball Competition Of My Life

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“TEN! NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN!” The sound of counting down got louder and louder as crowds started to count with the referee. It was the semi final of the interclass basketball competition of my school. My team was leading the game by one point. Knowing that there was nothing the opposite team can do, we started to have an early celebrate for entering the finals. To my surprise, our opponents started a counter attack, charging to our ring at full speed! With only less than six seconds, one of them managed to breach into our territory and the only thing standing between him and the ring, was me. I was the last line of defense. I can feel the adrenaline pumping in my body as my heart pounds as hard as it could. I was very nervous as the fate of my team is in my hands. My palms were sweating. My legs shaking. Based on how he played in the previous matches, he outclasses me in every aspect, from height to strength, from skills to precision. Nevertheless I posed my defense posture, preparing a head-on contact with the opponent. As expected, he tried to score by making a lay-up shot. Without any further hesitations, I blocked him from scoring. The next thing I know, I was laying flat, my face to the ground. The referee blew his whistle to signify the end of the match, crowds cheering for our victory, but my teammates looked at me with a terrified face. I got up from the ground, and I saw blood on the floor. “Oh my gosh,” with that said I quickly look at my opponent. He looks fine, no…

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